Sunday, June 1, 2008


well, at least as fun as a root canal, maybe more. Yep, talking about an trip to the emergency room. Loads of excitement. Sarah has been battling this cold for several days now and it took a turn for the worse this afternoon. She began the classic bark cough of croup, which alone did not worry me, we have seen this numerous times already. Although, the tonsil removal was suppose to help with this...NOT. When she began to have rapid breathing over 40 times a minute, stridor, and gasping, we made the complimentary call to the on call ped and headed in. Yep it was croup. One dose of steroids. Much better, got off without the usual breathing treatments. Advised to go to the doctor tomorrow, and then 2 hours later we were dismissed. Sarah still sounds croupy, but the breathing is not labored. We will make the trip to the doctor tomorrow. Definitely think it is time to have a pulmonary evaluation. We have now had croup 5 times since Oct. Prior to us adopting her she had one respiratory illness. That seems like a trend to me. One that needs follow-up, so I will ask/demand a pulmonologist referral tomorrow. Please pray that we have an uneventful night. She needs her rest, she looks like she feels bad. She is already asleep, so we are praying for a long night's rest for our little angel.
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