Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adoption News

Last Friday, 10/3, we had our homevisit for our homestudy.  So, we are now finished with everything.  Carolyn will write up our report, get it approved, and then we will be officially waiting.  I figure by the end of the month we will be waiting.  They told us to expect a 2-3 year wait.  The same amount of time they told us for Sarah and we waited 8 months after the homevisit, so all in God's timing.  We know that he is in control and he already has the perfect baby planned for our family.  I have been working on our profile and finished my part last night.  Doug has to write his letter to the birthparents and then I will send it in, make sure it is ok and then have copies printed.  Should have that done next week, so once we have an approval they will have a profile to show.  The profile is a story about your family.  You write about your family and include pictures to show potential birthparents.  This is really the only connection they have to you in the beginning.  They can then pick one or more families to met and go from there.  So, please be praying for all involved.  I am excited, but also sad at the same time.  I know that the birthparents will have to go through a hard path for me to have a great joy.  I can not imagine their pain.  I know some about it through Sarah's birthparents and what they have told us.  I can remember how I cried at the beginning every time I thought of their pain.  I do still have days where I am so sad that they have pain for me to have joy.  Ok, enough sentimental stuff.  I am crying so I will stop for now.IM000718 Our angel!!

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