Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sarah's Update

So, I promised to update you on everyone.  Sarah has had a very good week.  She has been a busy little girl and as always is into everything!!  She started the week off on a bit of a shaky beginning, but did better as the week went on.  When she turned 2 we increased her vitamins as directed on the package.  I think they gave her way too much energy.  Normally that would not be a concern, but she had so much energy that she could not be still and was having a hard time resting.  On Mon she went to school and had a great day, except at nap time.  Apparently she decided that if she did not need rest, then no one did and the other kids followed her lead.  Mrs. Susan had to send her to the "principle's office" to see Mrs. Karen.  After a little bit in the office she calmed down and began to doze so they put her back in her room to sleep.  Elijah was so upset that she got sent to Mrs. Karen's office.  He knows that you see her if you are being really bad.  Now, Sarah was not really in trouble, Mrs. Susan just needed to get the other kids down for rest so she could work with Sarah.  Sarah was just too loud to stay in the room.  I had problems most of the week with nap and bedtime, so we have reduced her vitamins in hope that will help with the restlessness.  Sarah is now taking more steps more often and on several occasions has taken 8-10 steps that are more stable than she has been taking.  Last night she was walking on her board that daddy built and when she got to the end she took 3 steps to a toy to play with.  This was the first time she let go and walked to a toy and not a person.  She has a new word-What?  She has used it several times and uses it appropriately.  Talking to our speech therapist, she thinks Sarah does have too many words for the research project, so guess that is a no go.  In a way, I am glad we are staying really busy right now.  Sarah has really loved having Nana and Angie here.  She is very rotten from all of the spoiling she got.  She also got to have Mr. Todd to herself Saturday at the soccer game and really enjoyed his attention.  She has also started taking off her shoes, socks and if accessible her diaper.  Great now we  have to worry about her streaking through the house!  She still hates to get dress and hates hairbows.  She is really fast at removing hairbows now.  I did get her room completed before our homestudy on Friday.  I think that is all for Sarah.  Here are a few pictures of the new stuff in her finished room:  This is the arrangement over her bed and the flowers with the singing bees that Lorie, Tracy, and Brody got her for her birthday.IM000046 Here is the hairbow holder Jennifer made her with a few of her bows that she hates to wear.  She really does have more! IM000047 Here is her new rug that she got with her birthday money.IM000048 The finished mirror without the choke hazard buttons.  These are large enough that she can not swallow them.  Sorry about the dirty mirror, Sarah gave it her blessing before I got the pictures.  She just had to kiss that pretty baby.IM000049 IM000050 IM000051
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