Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sarah's new AFO's

I can not remember what the AFO stands for, I am sure I will remember as soon as I post this.  These are her ankle orthotics.  She was very relaxed waiting her turn.God's Handiwork She really enjoyed The Foot Book. We had to read it several times in the waiting room.God's Handiwork She was not as relaxed when it was her turn.  She thought the really neat stuff in the room was fun, but was not impressed when they tried to put the orthotics on her.  She is refusing to put her feet on the floor.  I then went to try on shoes.  She will need a shoe that is about 2 sizes larger than what she had been wearing to accommodate the orthotics.  We tried on every shoe in the store.  I finally got one that would go over the AFO and the strap would go across and close.  Although, now I think the strap may be to tight.  If I can ever get her to put her feet on the floor, then I might be able to tell.  Also these have Velcro on them.  Sarah loves the sound of Velcro when you undo it, guess what I got to hear all the way home.  Not fun!  I have a headache now.  Hear are some pictures of her AFO, of course she still will not put her feet on the floor, so there are no action pictures!Oct 2008 005

Oct 2008 011 Oct 2008 008 Oct 2008 010
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Anonymous said...

AFO stands for Ankle and Foot Orthodic. :) I love Sarah's new AFO's and her new shoes are sooo cute. I cant wait to see her in action next week.
See you Saturday!!

Mommyto2 said...

That's it! I was trying to make the F too hard. I kept thinking fixation and did not think that was right! Glad you are getting to come on Sat, I was going to call today to see!