Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let the potty training begin!!!

Okay to be totally honest, this was the absolute last thing on my to do list.  I so am not ready to potty train.  I figured I had at least until summer to start this.  I don't want to potty train!!!!  The first one was easy, but I have heard horror stories and I am worried that one of my children might fulfill one of these horrors.  Sarah being as strong willed as she is, I figure it will be her.  So, about 6 months ago Sarah started wanting to sit on the potty to poop.  Remember this is the child that is allergic to disposable diapers, so we are, against my will, using cloth diapers.  I was more than happy to allow her to poop on the potty.  She always makes a sound and I know she has to poop.  Having low tone she really strains to poop regardless of consistency.  Sitting on the potty has really helped with the pooping issues.  Then she started peeing when she pooped.  I am okay with that.  Then she learned the sign for potty and would use it at times and I would put her on the potty and she would pee.  We did the potty song and dance.  She really loves the potty song.  So she has been signing to potty more lately.  I was really trying to not notice.  Then Wednesday at school I noticed that she stopped what she was doing and grabbed her diaper and concentrated.  Then after a sec or two she giggled and began playing again.  Hmmm, bet she was peeing.  I ran back to the van.  Then yesterday I felt horrible so I put the potty training in the very back of my brain.  Today Sarah gets up and wants to potty.  Yep, she peed on the potty.  So I got both potty chairs out and cleaned them.  I have been very casual about it and let her play with them and when she asked I let her sit.  We have only had one wet diaper all day.  My baby is using the potty.  Yes I am crying as I type this.  I want my baby longer!!!

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