Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Money Pit strikes again!!

OK, now I know I have had numerous post about our house and things that keep happening. I just had Doug beginning to think about possibly replacing the flooring in the kitchen, dining room, and living room with next years tax refund. If we get one! Well, our house must have ears. Apparently the house wants the hall bathroom updated. We noticed a wet spot on the ceiling in the playroom. We thought it might be from the new plumbing from our master bath that we remodeled at the first of the year. It would still be under the warranty they gave us. Positive thinking right? Well, of course it would not be something under warranty. That would be too easy! Nope, the area got larger, even though we were not using the master bath. So, we called the plumber. The plumbing at the hallway bathtub is leaking. GREAT. Now we can either cut out the ceiling in the downstairs playroom, or rip out the old disgusting in need of repair tub and replace it. The plumber patched what he could without tearing out the tub and that seems to be helping for now. Guess we need to figure out how to pay for this repair and how much we are going to go ahead and remodel while we have a plumber and carpenter (different one from the one that we had at the first of the year) here. This is not the decorating decision that I wanted to make next. Can you tell I am pouting. Is my lower lip sticking out enough?
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