Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesdays Tribulations

Today has been a great day.  Both of the kids have done wonderful today.  They are both in great moods.  Elijah got up ate and dressed for school.  He is at school now, I am sure he is having a great time.  He has forbidden me to pick him up early.  He wants to stay the entire time, even if the last hour is rest time.  He does not want to miss anything!  He is doing great this year.  He has really came out of his shell and has such a great personality.  Sarah is also doing good.  She had one accident at school yesterday with the potty training, but we were getting our picture taken and I did not think to take her, so more my fault than hers.  She has stayed dried today.  I went to walmart to get big girl panties for use at home for now and got everything but the big girl panties!  My mind.  She did great at therapy today, especially with Mrs. Irene.  In feeding therapy, she ate several baby carrots RAW!!  Do you know how hard they are to bite?  She did it and really liked the carrots.  Yippee!!  She got a little fussy with Mrs. Erin because she would not let Sarah throw the beans and rice out of the pool.  Sarah use to scream when she saw the beans and rice.  She could not handle all of the sensory input.  Now she loves them, but she also throws them.  She got several warnings, but continued so she lost the privilege.  She had to do other OT stuff, man was she mad.  She is napping now.  I am still struggling with the shingles, but I think they are some better now.  I still do not have much energy and the area is still pretty painful, especially to the touch.  It has made finding comfortable clothing a new challenge.   Here is a picture of Elijah and a friend that could not come to his birthday party, but made him a birthday cookie the last time she came to visit. God's Handiwork Here is one of the kids getting ready for Elijah's last soccer game:God's Handiwork

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we are officially waiting to adopt a little one.  We got our official notice today!!!  Let the wait begin!!

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Cute pic's!
I wanted to let you know we're looking for families to feature on the RR blog in honor of November's Adoption Awareness Month. My blog has details if you're interested, cornishadoptionjourney.blogspot.com