Friday, October 24, 2008

Upwards Soccer Awards

Monday night Elijah had his soccer awards ceremony. They gave them a gift, not an award. Hmmm, guess I messed up there. Try explaining that to a 5 yr old who has been talking about getting a metal since Sarah got hers at the Buddy Walk on Saturday. Let's just say that did not go over well. In an attempt to make the scene less dramatic in front of the entire church, Doug gave him the key chain they gave the coaches and told him it was a metal. He then explained that all metals looked different, just like all of the metals that Doug has for running. Believe it or not, that actually worked. I would have never thought something that simple would have worked. Glad we settled that! Now, don't a single one of you spill the beans that it is a key chain. I will make you pay dearly if you do!! He is so excited for his metal and really likes his duffel bag, although he does not really know what to do with the bag! The metal is in his treasure box that he got in Florida. This is a prized possession. At least he is happy!

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